Wordpress domain name change or url change?

Everything we’ve done here is fine if your domain name is staying the same and it’s just physically moving from one host server to another.

But, it may be that you've changed your domain name? Everything about the site has stayed the same but you wish to change the domain name.

In which case we will need to change all instances of the domain name within the database

You can find instructions as to how to alter the database settings here.

Thankfully there’s a script called Search-Replace-DB-master that automates this procedure. Available from Inter Connect IT please read their instructions and warnings before using it.

Upload the Search-Replace-DB-master to your root directory. Then go to YOUR url http://www.YOURwebsite.com/Search-Replace-DB-master/ and follow the instructions presented to search and replace your database from there.

Security Hazard

Once you’ve searched and replaced all instances of your domain name or image locations etc.

REMOVE THE DIRECTORY Search-Replace-DB-master

Errors and Error Notices

You should have a working Wordpress website hosted on your new server now.

But, you might be seeing ERROR messages on your website pages.

Investigate and correct any ERROR's found.

Error Notices are less of a problem and point to things that may need to be addressed but are not crucial to the operation of the website and so can be put-off and addressed at a later date

Once satisfied you've corrected all of your errors you can then turn off error checking in the wp_config.php file

define('WP_DEBUG', false);


And finally log in as the administrator to your wp-admin. http://www.yourwebsite.co.uk/wp-admin

Adminster the users. Deleting anyone no-longer related to the project and authorising different levels of privileges for the remaining users. Remember to set strong passwords to guard against, so called, brute force attacks.

Useful links on the subject of transferring a Wordpress site to a different server




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