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Insanely useful resources for website designers 😉

Mouse Effects using canvas

Some stunning examples of mouse effects


A great resource for FREE stock photography. An excellent resource to design visually beautiful mock-up designs for approval

Insanely useful Apps for website designers 😉

Elfsight Apps

A useful resource to use to include social media feeds inside your website builds quickly and stylishly. It’s a pay per month service.


Handbrake video compression for mobile and web

Video compression and website delivery application

Combinations and Permutations Javascript

From Code Pen

I was interested to know how many permutations and combinations of a key in a map I would need to write if I were to manually make a separate scene in Intuiface displaying the “on” position of items on a map.

The result you’d be interested to hear for 14 items on the map would be 16,383 permutations (a bit of work)

Combinations tutorial Click here



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