Sub-Domain on cPanel

Sub-domains work when the domain is hosted in the same serving environment. I.E. The sub-domain's IP address has to be the same as the domain's IP address.

NOTE: DO NOT add your new subdomain to the primary account name. i.e.
This is how (add-on) domains are created so you're not adding a sub-domain at all if your new domain (sub-domain name) already exists.

Sub-domain administration

If your domain is administered through another registrar. You'll have to add another 'A' record for the sub-domain.

i.e. to point to (use your IP address)

TOP TIP: Use the primary domain within C-panel to serve sites under development. Change the sub-domain so that it doesn't match the url allocated for "add-on" domains. Do this by adding "dev-" to the new sub-domain.
i.e. "" etc.


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