Objective: Set up an e-mail account for a new customer using Google Workspace (formerly Gsuite).

First a note on earlier pre-2016 Gmail accounts

Accounts earlier than 2016 were given free additional (user) aliases so you could add users for no additional fee. So, check to see if there’s any legacy Gmail accounts already in the name of the company you wish to administer. HOWEVER, these legacy Gmail accounts do not carry the functionality available with new accounts such as shared calendars etc.

Important: With these earlier versions if aliases have not already been set-up it seems you can only add new e-mail addresses that have already been created elsewhere. !!!!

Earlier Gmail Accounts charges that still apply
15GB plan Free

100GB plan £1.59/month

1TB plan £7.99/month

Note: the e-mail still runs through it’s original server first then is picked up by Gmail.
You can set this so that the e-mail is deleted from the original server when it’s picked up by Gmail thus keeping the size of the original server’s provision well within its imposed limits.. should be almost next to nothing as Gmail keeps checking and receiving e-mail.

Setting up a Google Workspace (formerly Gsuite) Gmail e-mail (IMAP) Account

Every plan includes

Included in Google Workspace Accounts Included in Google Workspace Accounts Included in Google Workspace Accounts Included in Google Workspace Accounts Included in Google Workspace Accounts Included in Google Workspace Accounts
GMail Drive Meet Calendar Chat Docs
Included in Google Workspace Accounts Included in Google Workspace Accounts Included in Google Workspace Accounts Included in Google Workspace Accounts Included in Google Workspace Accounts Included in Google Workspace Accounts
Sheets Slides Keep Sites Forms Currents

Business Starter
Professional office suite with 30 GB storage
GBP / user / month

Business Standard
2TB cloud storage
GBP / user / month

Business Plus
5TB cloud storage
GBP / user / month

Contact Google for price
GBP / user / month

Check the details of Google Workspace accounts at…
Google Workspace Pricing


  1. You need control of the Domain at it’s Registrar, or hosting control panel to be able to add .txt records and then finally the MX records.
  2. If this isn’t a new Domain, you need to know ALL the e-mail addresses currently associated with this domain. You may need to back-up any mailboxes to import into the new Gmail service later.
  3. The customers personal details. Forename and Surname. Additionally (An alternative e-mail address and mobile phone No. for recovery of account purposes.)
  4. The Forename and Surname of every additional Gmail account requested, with above recovery details for each.
  5. The owners company details. Company contact person & full postal address and optional phone No.
  6. Credit card for payment. (Accounts cannot be activated without a valid payment method).

Creating your Google Workspace Account


My recommendation if you are likely to be the Administrator of the Account on behalf of the client is to create the initial Administrator account in YOUR name with your contact details and using…
admin@ as the prefix to the domains administrator account.

With your account set-up as you as the primary Admin you can then add each additional user separately.
NOTE: Initially you can only add up to 10 users.

  1. You’ll be asked if you own the domain.
  2. Add your details, the company details and the payment information.
  3. You'll be asked to verify that you own the domain. This will be done by adding a txt record to the domains' DNS.
  4. Verification can take some time depending on the TTL of the Registrar's server. However, usually within 10 minute's you'll find out if it's verified if everything has been set correctly.
  5. Add additional Gmail users (Usually the primary reason for setting up a Workspace account.)
  6. Complete the Gmail process by adding MX records at the Registrar.

New Google Workspace Account with Gmail for users complete!


Name/Host/AliasTime to Live (TTL*)Record TypePriorityValue/Answer/Destination
Blank or @3600MX1ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.
Blank or @3600MX10ALT3.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.
Blank or @3600MX10ALT4.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.

* TTL Leave as the default if you are unable to change alter this

If you want IMAP e-mail accounts…
You'll need to set the Gmail to IMAP

In my opinion, this is where it's a good idea to set up accounts for new users in your own name and retain their log-in details for the initial set-up.

You'll need to log-in to each individuals newly set-up Gmail and Administer their e-mail by Authorising IMAP on each account.

And finally…

Double check the billing info and where notifications are being sent to make sure they're going to the pay'er of this new account to maintain the service.

NOTE: Why this extra user? (admin). Because all Gsuite Account info reporting and including billing will be e-mailed to this (super admin) account holder. Plus it’s “more secure” to have just one “Super Admin” as the oversee’er of the account administration. The more “Super Admins” the likelyhood of a misconfiguration or hacking are much higher.

On that note, make sure all the new accounts have the appropriate privileges

TOP TIP You can provide secure passwords to your users using "https://onetimesecret.com/"



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