Server Config file Bytemark (Symbiosis)

Server Config (DNS addressing)

NOTE: This may be different according to your internet servers’ set-up and installation of Apache. It must be uploaded to your server as a UTF-8 text file. (.txt extension) and must be uploaded to the ’DNS‘ directory. A common configuration is

The path to your config file would be something like this…

# Nameserver records.

# The domain name itself

# Useful aliases

#  MX record -- no IP defined, as this is done separately above.
# Is and example IP address. Replace this with the IP address of YOUR server. Replace “” with your domain name.

Set MX records to Google’s Mail Servers (Google Apps)

NOTE: Full config file below with Google Apps (Google Mail) MX (Mail Exchange) configuration.
Notice how the references in ‘# Useful aliases’ to mx and mail have been removed as we’re now pointing to another server for this service.

#  Nameserver records.

#  The domain name itself

#  Useful aliases.

# MX record
# Is and example IP address. Replace this with the IP address of YOUR server. Replace “” with your domain name.

The MX (Mail Server) code.

You are pointing anything to :: the Google Mail Server of

You are giving it a Priority of :1

You are giving it a TTL (Time to Live) of :300. TTL’s are always in seconds so this TTL is 5 minutes.

ASIDE: If you encounter a TTL of 86400 seconds it equals 24hrs (a day).

MX Priority Numbers

To send mail the MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) must try each listed mail server until transfer completes.
A low Number i.e. 1 is the Highest Priority and tried first.
This form of prioritisation is sometimes referred to as ‘Distance Number’. (Lower distances being more preferable to higher distances).

Load Distribution

Where mail servers have the same priority number the MTA must use each of these mail servers until transfer completes. It must use them randomly.

cPanel Configure your MX Records to use Google Apps (Google Mail)

IMPORTANT:You must have a Google Apps Account set up already with e-mail address/es established.

Login to your cPanel

In the e-mail section select ‘MX Entry
and choose the mail account you wish to change.

Add the following new MX records.



Once done adding all the Google Apps records, delete the record still pointing to your domain (normally at the top of the list)

Once finished, select Remote Mail Exchanger from the Email Routing section and click Change

Job Done!

Remember you set your TTL to five minutes.

DNS servers around the world could still be showing the old value (information) from their cache for up to 5 minutes after the change.
In some instances DNS’s are set with their own TTL’s rather than your value. (less common these days) But, if you have the luxury of time allow your settings to propogate before trying to fix any non-existant problems.



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