GDPR cookie consent example

javascript (Jquery cookiebar)

To style your cookie bar open your jquery.cookiebar.js and set the ForceShow option to ‘True’. Until you’re happy with your styling then remember to switch it back to ‘False’.

This cookie example is currently set to ForceShow ‘True’ so that you can always see it regardless.

This cookie has the name of ‘cb-enabled’ when you search for it in your browser's list of cookies currently stored.

If your build dictates that you have to display a ‘Cookie Consent’ then legally(EU) you also have to include a ‘privacy policy’ on your website.

Privacy Policy example linked to via the Privacy Policy link above through your jquery.cookiebar.js settings

If a user chooses to disable cookies (If you give them that option), you need to make sure that scripts such as Google Analytics need to be disabled.

This can be done by wrapping the code in a simple if statement.

  //Google Analytics or other code here

GDPR useful links

make your website GDPR compliant

Cookie Consent Info

GDPR Regulation

EU's GDPR Regulation (27 April 2016)



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