Connect Mac computers on the same network

Connect Mac to Mac for File Sharing

Be aware this sharing is done over the same Network. In most instances this means both computers have to be connected to the same Router. Either wirelessly or hard wired.

On the computer you wish to Share…


Finder > System Preferences > Sharing

Mac Sharing Window

Add only the folders you wish to share! Or to share the whole computer remove ALL the shared folders.

Mac Sharing Window

Make a note of YOUR IP Address provided. (highlighted below)

Mac Sharing Window

Now go to another mac computer on the same network


In the Finder press ⌘K for “Connect to Server”

Enter the IP address you noted above. It should look something like this “smb://”

Connect To Server Initial Dialog box

Press “Connect”

Enter YOUR “Username” and “Password” of the computer you are connecting to

Connect To Server

Press “Connect”

SUCCESS! You are now connected to your shared computer


Create an alias of the connected drive to sit on your desktop. Double clicking this alias will open your other Mac automatically.



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