Domain Name Admin

Transfer from the Domain Monster default Name Servers (NS) to point to your new server.

Easy enough when it's a new domain but what if the domain is already being used for Gmail etc. and you have to alter the DNS settings? In particular the 'A' records to point to the new server.

If you tried to do this already it doesn't work. This because the NS servers need to point to your (in this case Host Papa) server first so that it can get a hold of the domain via "add-on" domains. But Domain Monster doesn't let you alter the DNS settings once you've elected to point to a Named Server


  1. In Domain Monster: Back-up all of your domain's DNS settings. (Make a complete screen grab to follow later)
  2. Change the NS from Domain Monsters default to your new NS address. (ie., etc.).
  3. Now create your add-on Domain in Host Papa being careful to create it in the correct directory
  4. Now you can switch back to Domain Monsters default settings to be able to have access to the DNS entries
  5. Reinstate all of the DNS settings. You will have to type them in very carefully following your screen grab


Now check that all of your domains are still working and have the correct directory permissions on that server. 755


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