General Data Protection Regulations

The law regarding the use of Cookies

European companies or websites targeting European countries were meant to conform to the EU legislation regarding the warning and consent/acceptance of cookies being used on a website by 2011. But this deadline was put back (mainly due to the slow adoption of the rules) to 2012.

Cookie law explained

BASICALLY websites must seek visitors consent if they are using most types of cookies. It appears to exempt browser “session cookies” which is a sensible approach.

The current state of play

Smaller companies that are not involved directly with the collection of data maybe slow to adopt the new regulation but larger companies cannot afford to do this so a trickle down effect will encourage smaller companies to fall in line with the GDPR's.

There’s an interesting article on the situation giving some pragmatic reasons for ignoring this directive.

UK Ignoring the Cookie Law

The EU Internet Handbook

The EU interent Handbook as you’d expect has the information you will need to read regarding the use of cookies.

Cookie consent exemptions

Cookie Consent Exemptions

  1. Session cookies (cookies that can aid a users experience during the session of their visit the website). The session cookie is not referred to again and is rewritten if the user revisits the site.
  2. Cookies providing UX (User Experience) that a user initiates


Cookie code snippets

This is a link to some example cookie codes that you can adapt and insert on your website



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