Intuiface presentation software

Intuiface with a Promultis 42" HD Monitor 1920 x 1080

& Combining a mapbox map (With Key)

Best viewed in FIREFOX…
example map


Unfortunately I cannot show you a preview of the touchscreen software as this is something installed on the device actually delivering the content. Installed with “Intuiface PLAYER”. In my case a Promultis 42" 1920 x 1080 touchscreen monitor


Having created a presentation on Intuiface you will need to “Publish” it. Then move to your device running Intuiface PLAYER launch it. You'll be presented with your presentations made if you've entered your registration keys etc. Select the “…“ under the presentation you wish to open. This reveals a download button. Press Download and this will download the latest version of the presentation that you've been working on.

Launch a web browser (Firefox) from Intuiface

In Trigger & Actions choose…

Overall Experience > Launch Application

Then add the location of the application you wish to use. In this example we're launching Firefox


C:Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\Firefox.exe

Then apply the Parameters you wish for this program to open under. In this example we're going to give it a url to open and a size in pixels for the browser window to open to and a position to place the newly opened window on the monitor as follows

PARAMETERS -width 1920 -height 1080 -top 48


When a browser window is opened up over the Intuiface player and that browser window opens up smaller than the dimensions of the monitor the Intuiface player is visible behind the browser window. This enables a user to select the Intuiface player to return to that. However, if the user wished to view the browser window again by pressing the button again in Intuiface player, nothing would appear to happen to the user as it would just open another browser window behind the Intuiface player (not visible ot the user). My work-around has been to open the browser window to dimensions to fill the monitor giving the user no oportunity to select anything behind the browser window. The only way the user can return to the presentation is if they actually close the browser window themselves with the “x”. Closing the browser application. In this way another press of the Intuiface button opens the browser afresh!

Intuiface launch Firefox successful

With the successful launch of your web browser application (Firefox) you then need to address the fact that users can add their own url's or press favourites plus of course you'd like to give as much real-estate to your presentation (in this case my map with a key) as possible.

Web browser items to address.

  1. Make Firefox your primary web browser
  2. Set the home url to the url of what you want to show (belt & braces here. A precaution against anyone opening the browser outside of Intuiface.
  3. Firefox add-ons Add CTR (Classic Theme Restorer) to enable the removal of the title bar and reduce tabs to just one.
  4. Right click on browser header area and adjust appearance to deselect anything not required
  5. Remove all browsing history, back & title bar
  6. Tidy Promultis desktop by removing any irrelevant shortcuts accumulated during the build process if any

Promultis Screen Set up


Disable edge swipe

Edge swipe reveals both the "Settings windows pane" and the "Windows window pane" and we don't want that!

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