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I envisaged “Master Template” as a repository for the codes I use for different website projects in a “copy & paste” style to get me off to a flying start with most web builds. I started some time ago. Nowadays you can obtain ‘starter’ codes with most types of website deployment making my initial objective somewhat redundant. That said, there are still code snippets I find useful to copy from this site along with notes that to this day remain useful. I’m hoping that you too will find something useful here.

I work for a “no holds barred” designers as well as running my own little website design website, DirectFX. This means I’ve some professional experience in…

  2. Responsive website design
  3. Online Banner advertising
  4. Apple Mac (Terminal stuff)
  5. Website SEO
  6. Domain Name Administration
  7. Wordpress
  8. Professional e-mail signatures (no attachments)
  9. Video editing and optimizing for web
  10. Googling ;-)


You’ll find something on the above list and MORE!

My first web page

If you’re looking to build your first web page just follow and “cut & paste” and play here

SEO “Search Engine Optimisation”

Search Engines rank your pages to determine how far up you make it on a given search term!
Do you think your website will be ranked higher or lower for having W3C Compliant code?

Andrew Rice - Website Designer. A career spent in graphic design, advertising agencies and print media. Andrew immersed himself in new technologies and media delivery systems. He now produces some visually stunning, quick loading, SEO geared websites that work extremely hard for his customers. He’s the founder of DirectFX a website design agency in Ipswich, Suffolk as well as working full time for Propeller Design a company that’s well respected in the graphic design and advertising industries with an impressive client list.



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